Margate Bookie – Autumn 2018

Although the roughness of the sea in Margate was varied over the course of the last three days, the events and sessions organised by the Margate Bookie were smooth sailing all weekend.


An Audience With… Chris Riddell

A two-hour train journey can fill some with a sense of foreboding and oncoming boredom. However, when you're filled with the prospect of watching and listening to one of the most prominent children's writers and illustrators of today, the journey is but a minor inconvenience to your afternoon.

An Audience With… Geraldine McCaughrean

An invitation to an event such as this cannot fail to send a thrill of excitement straight to the minds of any kind of writer.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Everyone has a Christmas story Everyone has a tale Everyone sees the yuletide joys Over hill and every dale