Nine Tenths of the Law

To celebrate the release of the Second Edition of my self-published anthology, Angles of Reflection, here below is a FREE .pdf copy of 'Nine Tenths of the Law'.



  Throughout my life, I have dreamed of my death. Yet now I am in deaths arms, I dream only of my life. So many times had I thought my end was near, and only now I have reached it, do I realise how far I have come. Throughout my life, I have lived a … Continue reading End


  The steadily lowering sun was setting over the crisp, golden sand of the deserted beach. The seas gentle ebb and flow across them added to the serenity and calmness of the otherwise silent beach. Sea birds took flight as the ever reddening sky overcame the scenery. The reflections in the water, though rippled by … Continue reading Scene

Save Yourself

  Running across the open plains, Chris dived for cover. Shots rang out over the deserted grassland, shots meant for him. He cowered in his temporary refuge, listening to the howls of outrage growing closer and the loud clicks of reloading weapons, and knew he couldn’t remain hidden for long. Going back was no longer … Continue reading Save Yourself