Margate Bookie 2017 – Day 4

We have reached the end of the Margate Bookie. Our heads are weary, our feet are sore, but our minds are open and free! Another day of fully booked sessions, amazing weather and exceptional presentations and authors. The day kicked off with spectacular form with the outstanding historical novelist Alison Weir in the Turner Contemporary. … Continue reading Margate Bookie 2017 – Day 4


Margate Bookie 2017 – Day 3

I think that the word that can sum up today adequately is 'mixed'. Now, don't be confused at the possible negative connotations to that statement. Far from it, Day 3 was once again another spectacular day, with all events sold out and action packed. As well as holding sessions all day in the Turner Contemporary, … Continue reading Margate Bookie 2017 – Day 3

Margate Bookie 2017 – Day 2

It seems that the Margate Bookie has succeeded where Disney and some of the more preeminent film makers of the world have failed - the sequel being as spectacular and as amazing than the original. Day Two kicked off with spectacular form with a children's storytelling session presented by Dosh Archer, creator of the Urgency Emergency … Continue reading Margate Bookie 2017 – Day 2

Margate Bookie 2017 – Day 1

This year's Margate Bookie has been something I have been looking forward to and preparing for since the last Bookie drew to a close. Having already come along leaps and bounds since the one before, last year's Bookie expanded and grew beyond all expectations, emerging from the couple of sessions in a studio in 2015, to having … Continue reading Margate Bookie 2017 – Day 1