Letters of Objection – FREE E-BOOK

To celebrate the release of Letters of Objection Vol. 2, and to promote the literary achievements of myself and the Canterbury Christ Church University Creative Writing Society, we would like to present a FREE E-BOOK of the first Letters of Objection.


This is a PDF format file which can be downloaded and added to Kindle e-readers and can be read as a normal e-book in most e-reader apps. Just click the link above to download.

The paperback and Kindle versions of this and other titles published by myself and the Creative Writing Society are available for purchase on Amazon and CreateSpace E-Store. These publications have not, and will never be, written for financial gain, as those familiar with the CreateSpace self-publishing system, only a small amount of the proceeds are given in royalties. These books have been written with the purpose of encouraging new and experienced writers that their works are good enough to be seen and read by all, and also to share their work with the world and a wider audience than they would normally have been able to share their work with.

For more information and further details on other publications released in this way, please see the links below:


Echoes of Infinity – http://amzn.eu/42qWZGi 

Letters of Objection – http://amzn.eu/ddqXJzA 

Senses – http://amzn.eu/8lFxqJX

Letters of Objection Vol. 2 – amzn.eu/jan7uZ8 

Angles of Reflection – amzn.eu/8M0SwgI 

Wheels of Motion – http://amzn.eu/4QgpZk5


Thank you all!



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