A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story


Everyone has a Christmas story

Everyone has a tale

Everyone sees the yuletide joys

Over hill and every dale


We all have a Christmas story

But not all are filled with joy

There are those that awake this day

Without a laugh, or toy


We sometimes lose the Christmas message

To give and share a greeting

To spread the feelings of hope and love

And that joy should never be fleeting


We try to find our own Christmas cheer

Whether in work or unemployment

Or our bravest soldiers awaiting orders

All ready for deployment


We live in a world separated by words

Like Class and Segregation

Though we try with might to live our lives

Ignoring this degradation


In a world of differing lives

In a life of continuing strife

We find small comforts within our world

To find joy and meaning to life


And while those of us all share the warmth

Of a house of food and cheer

We need to bear a thought for those

Who live in despair and fear


Share your warmth, share your love

T’is a season to care and give

We all possess the power within

To celebrate and live


So when inner warmth meets winter chill

Fireside balm to frigid snow

Spread goodwill to all mankind

Make the Christmas spirit glow


Justin Brown



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