Wheels of Motion – A Collection of Poems

I have been to-ing and fro-ing over the past week about whether or not a book of poetry would be a good idea to do. Certainly, I have written a certain amount of poems in the past, but I have used those in a previous anthology, and re-using them isn’t a particularly good idea. I have got a couple that I wrote not so long ago but two isn’t going to fill an entire book. So what to do?

Fortunately, I have a very good friend whom, it seems, is able to write poetry much more ably than I can. I know from past conversations that she has pieces written from years back that she was looking to see if she could publish. And so an idea sprung to mind…

By working collaboratively, and including some poems we have written together on Twitter, me and my friend, Lucy Hudson, are going to self-publish our own collection of poems. Wheels of Motion is a collection that has the basis of movement, motion, and most have an underlying message of hope and remembrance about them. This is either achieved by moving on and the mental processes of dealing with grief and pain, the physical sensations of motion, with vehicles and other such modes of movement, or other assorted versions of motion and movement, such as the movement through time and how it feels.

My friend Lucy is, most unfortunately, wheelchair bound due to medical issues. However, this has not stopped her creativity and determination to strive forward and achieve her fullest potential. She is currently going into her Third Year of a university degree at Canterbury Christ Church University, along with being the President of the Arts, Crafts and Media Society within the University. This, in itself, is a testing time for any student passing through the halls of academia, however she has overcome all challenges that have faced her and looking forward with eyes open wide at the future.

The opportunity for writing this book together has given us both the chance to add something extra to our growing portfolios of achievements, and the thrill of another book on the groaning bookshelves to be proud of being there. I hope that this is something we can both look back on in years to come and remember the time when we took a chance and set the wheels in motion for a great piece of work.

I leave you with a taster of what is to come, with one of the pieces that will grace the contents of our book. Written by Lucy Hudson, it truly captures the essence of the book we shall bring to you soon.


Wheels of Motion

Wheels of motion, wheels of time
Guide me through this life of mine
Teach me what I need to know
What to do and where to go.
Take me where I’m yet to be
And show me things I’ve yet to see
Help me through the loss and change
Those moments life can seem so strange.
Keep me strong and build me tall
And see me through the rise and fall
Keep me safe from pain and fear
While I make the most of my time here.
Teach me well and lead me true
And let me have the best of you
Give me hope and set me free
And help me be the best of me.

Lucy Hudson




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