Margate Bookie 2017 – Day 3

I think that the word that can sum up today adequately is ‘mixed’.

Now, don’t be confused at the possible negative connotations to that statement. Far from it, Day 3 was once again another spectacular day, with all events sold out and action packed. As well as holding sessions all day in the Turner Contemporary, we had the amazing venue of the Sands Hotel function room at our disposal. My main work position du jour was at the Turner Gallery, however the feedback received from the organisers, helpers, speakers and audience alike was glowing with positive commendations and praise. My colleague and fellow volunteer Alex Green attended Nicolas Rankin’s Gibraltar, Defending The Rock session and emerged from it with a signed copy of the authors sizable book and comments that ‘it’s amazing to discover that the outcome of the Second World War could have been so different had Hitler actually taken Gibraltar’. All other feedback from the Sands Hotel events were equally complimentary and celebratory towards all whom attended.

The Turner events were equally outstanding, drawing in the crowds from all over with visitors almost clamouring to get in the doors and get good seats for the sessions. Every event was packed with eager spectators, last minute attendees managing to fill the last few spaces, and many remaining in their seats for the session that followed. Such was the success of the sessions that many of the authors, in particular that of Felicia Yap and Barney Hoskyns, sold more than half the books they had brought to the Bookie, while reserving particular copies for attendees determined to purchase them.

The reason for my usage of the word ‘mixed’ as a description of the day is principally that of our efforts to maintain the high standards we had set ourselves to achieve the magnificent praise being received. Call me a tad vain or a bit boastful but I feel that all of us organising and running the Margate Bookie excelled today in our efforts and the amazing feedback we have had has been completely justified. Like I say, apologies for the shameless plug for my colleagues and myself, but there you go.

That aside, everything went as well or better than expected for the Third Day of the Bookie 2017. The sun shone from start to finish, the sea and the sands of Margate glistened intently and contently all day long, our speakers and authors amazed and astounded, and the venues delivered on their exceptional service and amazing well kept venues. Even as I write this, I know that events are still going on at the Sands Hotel for the Bookie, with the awesome presentation of the Vanguard Readings and the Cocktail Party thereafter.

However, sad tidings herald at the closing of Day Three. Tomorrow is the last day of the Margate Bookie 2017. This melancholy ache is not the call for tears as, once more, the day promises to be one of amazement and wonder. If there was ever a way in which to end a four-day run of sand, sea and books, this is it.

Don’t despair, the best is yet to come…



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