Judgement Day

No, not anything to do with Machine takeovers, but possibly the end for life on Earth.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance. A race of beings fighting a deadly war have developed a new weapon in their efforts to turn the tide of battle. But the testing ground for this deadly weapon is Earth.

In a desperate attempt to stop this act from happening and attempt to stop the efforts of a rebellion within the ranks of his own people, one being travels to Earth in an effort to bring representatives from the doomed planet and present a strong enough case to the rulers of his world to spare Earth its fatal fate.

And he believes that a school full of children can achieve what the worlds brightest and best cannot.

Witness the plight of a group of students, with adolescent problems of their own, attempt to avert the possible destruction of our world and the efforts they go to in order to face the very people that threaten their very way of life.

A new full story by yours truly.

Summer 2017


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