The steadily lowering sun was setting over the crisp, golden sand of the deserted beach. The seas gentle ebb and flow across them added to the serenity and calmness of the otherwise silent beach. Sea birds took flight as the ever reddening sky overcame the scenery. The reflections in the water, though rippled by the waves, gave off a glow of faint orange and red, blending with darkening blue. The lack of clouds gave the air around a kind of warmth and placidity that took the chill out of the slight breeze blowing across the sands. The golden beach stretched out for as far as the eye could see and was only punctuated by a small pier, far in the distance. In the other direction, nothing but sand and sea was to be seen. Except from a pair of indistinct silhouettes on the horizon that were slowly making their way along the beach, walking towards the pier.


Closer and closer the pair came until they became more than just silhouettes. As they came into focus, it became clear that it was a male and a female adult, holding each other’s hands, that were walking on that warm, summers evening. Neither said anything to the other; nothing was needed to be said. They both knew their reasons for walking along that stretch of beach on that particular evening, so they simply said nothing and just took in the world around them. They continued walking down the beach until they reached a place they had visited not so very long ago and stopped. Looking out to sea; looking out to the slowly setting sun. Standing there, simply breathing in the scene; the sights, the scent, and the warmth of that place, they allowed their minds to roam freely amongst their memories of their first time here and of how much had changed since. The beach had not changed at all in that short space of time, but their lives away from it, had. Neither of them knew how long they stood there, but trusted that when they were ready to move on from there, the other would be too.


As the first of the stars began to emerge from the darkening skies, the woman looked up at her male companion and he turned his head towards her. Their eyes met and, without words or gesture, understood each other. They understood the road that they had taken and how it had lead them back here after all those years. Smiling slightly, they continued on their journey towards the ever darkening pier as the sun began to set in earnest and the darkness of night slowly overcame the fading glow of the sun. As more and more stars began to shine, the people became a pair of indistinct silhouettes once more and were swallowed by the dark. As the sun finally sank below the horizon, the only thing visible in the total darkness was the blanket of stars overhead, shining bright, like tiny holes in the floor of heaven.


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