Throughout my life, I have dreamed of my death. Yet now I am in deaths arms, I dream only of my life. So many times had I thought my end was near, and only now I have reached it, do I realise how far I have come.

Throughout my life, I have lived a hero’s life, worthy of tales and song. I have fought in the Great Civil Conquest of Souvos Prime; I have traversed the torrent seas of Isis; I evaded the vast Comet Storms of Orion and survived the Jupiter Blockade of 2128. And now as in life, I die a hero’s death.

I die with honour on the Plains of Solace, the souls of which I have rescued from the Colossal Maw of Scorpius standing around me, praying to their eminent Gods for my safe passage to the Heavens.

As I lay here, amongst the verdant fields of that long-fought battlefield, I find myself praying to those I have lost along the way; throughout the considered atrocities I have committed, the battles I have fought and the long path I have travelled that has brought me to this place.

I pray to them and ask forgiveness.

For I know that the demons of my past are as nothing compared to the judgement I go on to face.

And as the heavens open and the crisp, clear rains descend upon my battle-scarred face, I feel my soul ascend. Its essence whole and untarnished, and yet fragmented and faltering.

Those that stand around my battered and broken body sing for my redemption and I feel my consciousness slip away, as if sliding into the heavens upon the eternal white clouds of salvation.


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