Once upon a merry day, she basked amongst the verdant grass,

The sun, it shone, brilliant and bright, across the sky it did pass.

Not a cloud did pass about the deep blue sky,

As though the heavens blessed the earth upon which she lie.

When evening drew about the warm summer’s day,

Still the sun blazed on until the final ray.



As the sun upon the horizon did sink,

And the sky itself turned black as ink.

She stood and gasped anew,

At the wonders that appeared within her view.

For up above where the blazing sun once shone,

Danced a thousand stars, glittering on and on.



With night now upon her, and the cold drawing in,

She withdrew to her cabin, coat drawn round her chin.

But at the door, she stole one last gaze,

Up to the stars through the thin gathering haze.

Her thoughts dwelt of her life; her travels and trials,

Of the distance she had come, across thousands of miles.



And all at once, she began to weep,

Of the time she knew was her final sleep.

Ten times ten years had gone by so quick,

Her life, like a candle, bore down to the wick.

But that was now gone and tonight was her last,

Darkness drew over and the Shadow was cast.



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