Letter to the Earth

Dear Earth

Application and Employment Search

Since April last year, I have been applying for Content Writing, Copywriting, Editorial Assistant, Marketing Assistant and Social Media employment positions with a wide variety of employers. In this period, I have completed well over 250 applications, from which I have received only a handful of responses and only about 7 of those have resulted in interviews.

Margate Bookie – Autumn 2018

Although the roughness of the sea in Margate was varied over the course of the last three days, the events and sessions organised by the Margate Bookie were smooth sailing all weekend.

An Interview With Iain Aitch

An Interview with Iain Aitch 5th August 2016   Author Iain Aitch, writer of A Fete Worse Than Death and We’re British, Innit shares some of the ups and downs of embarking on a career in writing and tells of experiences and moments of inspiration that led him to where he is today. Iain began … Continue reading An Interview With Iain Aitch

Nine Tenths of the Law

To celebrate the release of the Second Edition of my self-published anthology, Angles of Reflection, here below is a FREE .pdf copy of 'Nine Tenths of the Law'.

An Audience With… Chris Riddell

A two-hour train journey can fill some with a sense of foreboding and oncoming boredom. However, when you're filled with the prospect of watching and listening to one of the most prominent children's writers and illustrators of today, the journey is but a minor inconvenience to your afternoon.

An Audience With… Geraldine McCaughrean

An invitation to an event such as this cannot fail to send a thrill of excitement straight to the minds of any kind of writer.